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Holidays in Calabria


Calabria covers an area of 15,080 square kilometres and is home to approximately 2.1 million people. It is situated on the most Southern top of Italy’s “boot“ between the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian Seas. The plains cover only a small part of the total area. The major part is a mountainous region with high peaks and deep valleys. Most villages are situated on the top of a hill, in the mountains or on the beautiful coastline with sandy and lonely bays.
Calabria has everything a discerning visitor could possibly desire - culture, gastronomy, hotels, tourist villages, beaches, sun, sea, mountains and many others attractions and events. Sun-lovers and swimming-fans will be more than happy in Calabria. On the Gulf of Squillace on the Ionian Sea there are endless sandy beaches with all the services you could possibly wish for. The beach resorts of Tropea and Capo Vaticano on the Tyrrhenian Sea attract many international visitors. For a vacation with the whole family, the Riviera dei Cedri which is home to the resorts of Práia a Mare, Diamante and Belvedere Marittima, is highly recommended.
And if you have had enough of the sun you can also go and enjoy the coolness, freshness and calm of the mountains. Whether it is in the wild Aspromonte massif or in the woods of the Sila, Calabria is the ideal destination for long hikes and walks – a paradise for all those looking for relaxation, peace and an unspoilt natural landscape. Calabria also has many artistic treasures on offer such as the famous bronze statues of the »Warriors of Riace« which are on exhibition in the museum of Reggio Calabria. There is also the Cattolica in Stilo, a byzantin church of the 10th century, which is of special interest. As well as that there is the Codex Purpureus, a gospel manuscript of the 6th century of inestimable value in the diocese museum in Rossano. And don’t forget the beautifully restored medieval town of Gerace with its enormous cathedral, the greatest sacred building of Calabria - it’s an attraction you shouldn’t miss.

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